IRISET is accredited as उत्कृष्ट under the Capacity Building Commission’s National standards on 04-04-2024. | दि. 04-04-2024 को IRISET को CBC के राष्ट्रीय मानकों के तहत उत्कृष्ट के रूप में मान्यता दी गई है।
IRISET : S&T Centralized Training Institute

Setup in 1957 by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India, to cater to specialised training needs of their own staff and officers in the field of Railway Signalling and Telecommunication, the Institute today caters to the needs of the entire Afro-Asian region.

Located in the southern part of India in Secunderabad adjoining the capital city of Hyderabad in Telangana, the Institute is spread over about 28.3 hectares. IRISET provides initial as well as advanced training, theory as well as hands on, in Railway Signalling and Telecommunications. It caters to the total training requirement of the Officers and the Supervisors of Signal and Telecommunication department of Indian Railways.

IRISET is in the approved list of ESCAP and UNDP. It provides training in Railway Signalling and Telecommunications to private and public sector enterprises as well. It also train officials of Foreign Railways.

There are four hostels in the campus itself, one for officers and three for supervisors. There are laboratories for all the important areas of Railway Signalling & Telecommunication to provide hands on training in the Institute. The lecture halls are equipped with the modern teaching aids.

Ongoing Courses
  • VC/0003 (06-May-24 to 02-Aug-24)
  • ITJE/01/01/2024 (13-May-24 to 16-Aug-24)
  • SAG/0147 (20-May-24 to 28-Jun-24) - Ganga (Officers Hostel 4)
  • ISJE/02/01/2024 (03-Jun-24 to 06-Sep-24)
  • RSSJE/0347 (03-Jun-24 to 28-Jun-24)
  • IBSS2/0059 (10-Jun-24 to 28-Jun-24)
  • EODKY/0007 (10-Jun-24 to 28-Jun-24)
  • ESDKY/0007 (10-Jun-24 to 28-Jun-24)